The Florida Bonneted Bat (Eumops floridanus)

Southern Florida, especially Miami-Dade county, is home to one of the rarest bats, the endangered Florida bonneted bat. Just our luck, it’s also a molossid species from the same family as Tadarida and Nyctinomops! This large insectivorous species flies very high in the sky and so is almost impossible to catch. Few roost sites are known and are impossible to find. The best way of assessing this elusive species is through ultrasonic recordings of their echolocation calls. Their echolocation calls are unique because they are at such low frequencies - in fact those with good ears can hear them flying nightly! We are assessing nightly activity patterns using four automated ultrasonic recording systems, analyzing their social vocalizations, and with Elizabeth Clare we are using DNA barcoding techniques on E. floridanus guano to determine what they eat.

Want to see bat sounds on your iphone or ipad?

  1. 1)Download SpectrumView here

  2. 2)Download Detecting Eumops With SpectrumView Plus.pdf

  3. 3)Practice by playing these files:

Eumops Echo.mp3

Eumops Echo 2.mp3

Eumops Social 1.mp3

Eumops Social 2.mp3


Cool video of feeding Eumops.

Florida Fish and wildlife service species profile.

Video of Eumops flying at Granada Golf Course

Eumops Exiting Roost in Coral Gables (roost now destroyed)


Photo by Ralph Arwood

Bats in the News - Roost found and then destroyed in Coral Gables